Actor Spotlight: Sean Perry


Sean Perry bravely takes on the role of Michael, our unassuming, “smoking naked cigarettes against a brick wall” jazzer. Our playwright describes Michael as “quiet but not sullen, soft but not withdrawn, perhaps a little self-pitying.” Sean captures a perfect essence for Michael, tapping into that youthful insecurity that causes us to withdraw from even those closest to us. With a delicate and sensitive affect, Sean Perry slithers as Michael with a crisp innocence on stage that will draw an audience in. Like most of our actors, Sean is an educator, and works as the drama director at Stoneham High School.

Sean is no stranger to the stage, and is currently playing Chip in the Theatre Company of Saugus production of …Spelling Bee. Get your tickets and support our friends at

To see Sean Perry as Michael in KINGS, visit our ticket page. 100% of all ticket sales go directly to The Women’s Center, as is the mission of Little Dinos Productions.

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